Quirky low budget, fun family recipes – (you have to try these + enter the cooking comp!)

This is a really fab little recipe selection from the mummy money saving expert herself  resourceful mum of 5 Marcy Wheatley one of the most creative budgeters I know. I defy anyone to have tried these unusual low cost family foods before! Please try them and let me know what your family think!

Fresh pasta sheets
 Custard either packet or ready ade
 Summer fruits

Place summer fruits in ovenproof dish spooning on custard,place fresh pasta to cover as with normal lasagne and repeat.Place in oven on med heat until pasta soft, serve with either cream, creme` freche or natural yog.

75g frozen mixed veg
2 spring onions
1 clove garlic
100g wholemeal breadcrumbs
1/2 tsp curry paste
1tbsp grated cheese
200g baked beans
flour for dusting
1tbsp oil
four wooden skewers soaked in cold water to prevent them from burning

boil veg in slightly salted water,until tender,drain. finley chop sping onions and press and chop garlic
place veg, garlic and spring onions in a food processer add breadcrumbs curry paste beans and cheese,process until smooth
divide the mix into sausage shapes about 12 and them mould around skewers, place on a greased sheet brush with oil and grill for 10 mins until golden on all sides

Thanks Marcy . Marcy has a lovely blog of her own entitled Busy mum of 5 at http://mumumumumum.blogspot.com/  Do pop over and say hello it’s a great read.

Crazy cooking comp!

The first peron to have a go at baking one of these quirky low cost recipes to send me a pic and report will get a copy of my baby budgeting book. Send to Becky (at) babybudgeting (dot) com


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