4 Tips for Planning an Affordable Baby Shower

Whether you just scheduled your luxury chauffeur for your next business meeting or are a stay-at-home mom, everybody likes to save money where they can. Baby showers are fun, but they also can be quite expensive in the long run.

Here are 4 tips for planning an affordable baby shower. Let’s get into it!

Planning an Affordable Baby Shower

Find a Reasonably Priced Venue

Venues are one of the biggest costs when it comes to hosting a baby shower. It’s not uncommon to see places charge around $500 for renting a room or hall for a few hours. However, there are more affordable options – you just have to do some digging.

Finding a reasonably priced venue will save you a good chunk of money when planning a baby shower. Some tips would be to hop on Facebook group pages and ask locals for their experience with baby shower venues in the area. You could also consider hosting the baby shower at your home or a friend’s house.


Get Crafty with Decorations

We live in the wonderful time of DIY! The cost of decorations can easily pile up, so it’s important that you find a way around this. Get crafty when it comes time to decorate for the baby shower. You could easily find some décor inspiration on sites like Pinterest or YouTube.

Creating your own decorations is an easy way to save money when planning a baby shower. It’s also fun to tap into your creative side. Often, you can make decorations that can also be used for other events. In turn, you’ll already have your decorations ready to go should you host another baby shower. If not, you can always try and sell them to make some money back as well.

Finger Foods over Catering

Another reason that baby showers are often quite pricey is the food and drinks that go along with it. People certainly want to have food to munch on while they’re enjoying celebrating a new mom and her baby boy or girl. If you want to make the baby shower more affordable, consider making your own dishes or going for foods that aren’t as costly.

Everyone loves sandwiches and chips, and these foods aren’t expensive at all if you don’t get them catered. You can even make your own dishes, like a taco bar, which will easily help make the baby shower more affordable.


Make Your Own Games

What’s a baby shower without some fun games for guests to enjoy? While there are plenty of games to buy online, you could save a bit of money if you make your own games. The dawn of the internet has made it possible to find hundreds of ideas for cheap, fun baby shower games.

Spend some time figuring out what activities you want to have at the baby shower. Bingo is always a hit at baby showers. Instead of buying the cards, you could easily make your own. Try and come up with a few different ideas and get to crafting them!


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