3 steps to setting up your own business

I had never worked for myself. Prior to having kids  I had always been at university or worked for the local council where  I had a vocational job. I had no sense of business at all.

When I had my son and made the big decision to not return to work I knew I would have to contribute financially some how. My bits and bob s of earnings eventually channelled into writing. The car boot sales and the baby signing, ebaying and marking none of it pleased me or seemed to succeed as well as my writing work. I knew I wanted to make this into a little business.

I needed a plan however before I embarked on this.

There were 3 important steps to my planning.

1. I made an ideas plan.

I grabbed a big note book and filled it with ideas around how I could write for a living. Sometimes I ‘d get stuck and other times the ideas came thick and fast. I wrote down all of them no matter how silly they sounded. I also talked about my ideas over and over again with like minded or very kind friends.

I also looked on the Internet to see what other successful writers and bloggers did. I asked around, I read a book on business and blogging and writing. I thought and thought and thought again.

2. I made a time plan

Time is very precious and since my parent  passed away I feel that keenly. Being with my children as much as I can is so important to me. I realised in order to have a business but still be there for them I had to work AROUND them. I worked from 6-7.30 9.30-3.15 and 8-10pm most days. I get the holidays weekends and before and after school with my kids. This isn’t easy but this time plan gives me what I want most he best of both world. (I do have the odd night and lunch time off and some nice days out!) Scheduling time to relax is vital too.

3. I made a financial plan

Well I think there are about as many ways to finance a new company as the day is long. You could look at :

The Princes Trust (brilliant with start ups providing mentors and grants)

Finance organisations like http://www.hitachicapital.co.uk/  (they provide specialist Business Finance)

A bank loan (banks will often offer a little business advice too)

Your parents (may be happy to invest in you )

Your own savings (showing a commitment to yourself)

Sometimes and with some business you need very little. I needed very little. I needed a computer and a website (fortunately my  husband creates websites for a living and had a fair few spare computer parts ) the rest has come with time and profit.


Having a plan helps a great deal. I’m a firm believer in planning.


Good luck!


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