3 simple ways to maximise your finances

today – 3 simple ways to maximise your finances

It really can be simple to maximise your finances and goodness knows we could all do with a bit more money. Sometimes a little time and a little effort are all that are required.

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3 simple ways to maximise your finances

Why don’t you do these 3 things in the next month or so and just see how much more money ends up in your bank !

1. Ofgem has a new website. The website has been designed to help customers when choosing or changing their energy suppliers. It gives independent advice and information and links to approved price comparison websites which are signed up to Ofgem’s confidence code. The site includes comparison tools, a glossary of terms used on energy bills, links to useful sites, and a downloadable guide. It is SO worth shopping around for the best deal and this is a good site to signpost you in the right direction.

Did you know you can save up to £200 by switching energy suppliers. How long would it take you to earn that? Just by spending 15 minute or so online that extra £200 could be yours. It is so worth it! Don’t just stick with what you have when switching providers is a really easy way to maximise your finances.

So why not Go Energy Shopping!

2. Got a problem with your washing machine? Not sure how unstick your lock? Before you call an expert why not ‘Google it.’ You may be totally blown away by how easy something is to fix. I had a mystery code of my washing machine the other day. I reached to phone Rodger our repair man when I suddenly thought I should probably just check the code out online. Ahem. It actually just read door error…the door wasn’t quite shut properly.

How daft would I have looked to Rodger and how out of pocket would I have been! Just checking to see if a DIY fixit is within your capability is well worth it.

3. Make a cup of tea, sit down and pull up your bank statement. Check all the payments going out monthly and make sure they are right. What could you lose (magazine/gym/chocolate club membership.) If you can ditch them! You can walk/jog/read magazines online/take up healthy eating instead) This will not take long but it will require decision making and resolve. It will free up money for you every month in return.

There are many ways to maximise your finances. keeping it simple, seeking out great information and making a few changes are all you need to do.



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