20 things you could do today that could immediately help your finances

Are you looking for things you could do to immediately help your finances

Rummage through all your clothes drawers and anything with a good label and no longer wanted bang straight on ebay

Resolve to be greener and save more money and turn off the power (including standby) when items are not in use.

immediately help your finances

Cancel any gym subscriptions and get walking/jogging/cycling.


Find a mobile hairdresser who will do your whole families hair for probably 2/3 of the price you usually pay just for you. Just make a few calls.

Compare car insurance, utilities, life insurance etc. some time online could save you a fortune.

Call your local supermarket and ask them when they reduce bread/cakes/fruit etc. and get to the shop 5 mins. before!

Go round your home and gather up all the unwanted books you have and pop them onto Amazon to sell. No cost to you and they can sit there till they sell.

Get out the paints and get your children working. Even a baby can handprint a card. It will save you £’s and Granny will be delighted. Make lots of cards all at once. In the long run this is a great little saver.

Check you are getting all your entitlements www.directgov.co.uk

Feel down the sides of the sofa!

Check your fridge and meal plan the next few days and use up all those things near their use by date to avoid waste.

Cancel any magazine subscriptions

Leave your car at home and bike or walk

Buy yourself a flask for take your own coffee.

Whilst you’re at it a sandwich box is a good idea too!

Spend an hour online researching everything that is free (or v cheap) in your local areas, parks, museums,  toddler groups, swimming sessions, Knowledge is very valuable.

Check all your old handbags and coat pockets you are bound to turn up something

Join twitter and you will never need to go out to socialise again!

Practice the following phrases until they just tumble out easily:

  • No I’m sorry we can’t make that
  • Interesting idea, but let me get back to you
  • Moneys a bit tight would you like coffee and a play at ours instead
  • Would love to have you all back to mine for a play next week…shall we all bring a pack up and have a big picnic in the garden?

Don’t forget to make sure you have emergency home cover in place to avoid heavy expenses if something goes wrong like a burst pipe or a broken locks

Good luck!

P.S  Read some great thrifty blogs including Thrifty Home and Family Budgeting  and Simple Parenting



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