Mummy Make Up …What do you use?

Thanks to Becky a.k.a English Mum  (a top mummy blogger) for sharing her mummy make up tips. Do check out her English Mum blog it’s fab.

My morning routine pretty much went out the window 15 years ago with the birth of my first child, and never returned.  Those days of shower, all-over moisturising, leisurely blow-drying and meticulous make-up are a dim and distant memory, so when e.l.f. contacted me and asked me to try a few of their easy to use products and promised I’d be able to reveal my inner ‘yummy mummy’ in minutes, I practically bit their hand off.  Here’s e.l.f.’s step-by-step guide:

1. Start by applying a pearl sized amount of e.l.f.’s Tinted Moisturiser(£1.50). 

Yes, quite impressed with this – a light coverage and not at all sticky, plus an SPF of 15.  Impressive.  And £1.50?  Really? 

2.  Next, use the All Over Cover Stick (£1.50)

This reminded me of Rimmel’s ‘ ‘Hide the Blemish’ concealer.  Creamy texture, but goes on evenly. 

3.  e.l.f.’s All Over Colour Stick in Pink Lemonade or Warm Peach (£1.50)

A good multi-tasker this – a bit like Nars’  The Multiple.  Gives a nice glow to cheeks and you can use it on lips too. 

4.   e.l.f.’s Brightening Eye Liner in Coffee (£1.50)

This  eyeliner pencil wasn’t too greasy and smudged nicely too.  I’m not a ‘brown’ girl generally, but I quite liked the colour.  You get a free pencil sharpener too.

5.  A sweep of e.l.f.’s Clarifying Pressed Powder(£1.50)

The little pad provided with this isn’t really much use, but swept on with a big brush, it went on well and did keep my prone-to-shine skin quite matte.

6.  Lastly, a layer of the Earth and Water Mascara Duo in Black (£1.50). 

This is clever – it’s got a  duo applicator which provides the option of normal or waterproof mascara,  – great if you’re on holiday and want waterproof during the day and just normal at night.

My verdict:

e.l.f.’s  ‘mummy must-haves’ came to a total of just £9.  For such budget buys, the products were surprisingly good quality, and although the packaging’s not exactly ‘Dior’, dahling, for day to day use I think they’re amazingly good value and very user friendly.  They might just persuade you to reveal your inner ‘yummy mummy’ too!

All these products are available to buy from e.l.f.’s website:    

Thanks Becky…what a bargain. A no.17 Pink lippie has alwatys been my must have make up buy guaranteed to pick me up (since i was about 12 years old!) .


What make up must you have? Or do you go without?



  1. July 7, 2010 / 9:19 am

    hey found you via English Mum’s twitter- those look like great products and so cheap! I believe in spending where things work but most of the time expensive make up is just packaging, scent and higher pigment. Except with mascara, I totally lux out on Dior for that but it just works for my eyes

  2. Becky
    July 7, 2010 / 9:26 am

    Have tried e.l.f mascara, it was free at Cybermummy and have to say pretty good. Someone told me recently you should change mascara each month…not sure if its true but if it is blimey I’d better stick to cheap. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. July 8, 2010 / 10:03 am

    I love E.L.F – hubby gave me a makeup set for Christmas and I love it! 🙂 I didn’t realise they had them in the UK – will have to go on over and have a look. Especially when it comes to budget I just cant bring myself to pay £13 for mascara!

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