10 tips on how to avoid a cold

10 tips on how to avoid a cold

how to avoid a cold

Here is how to avoid a cold

It is not completely possible to cold proof yourself but there is a lot you can do too give your body a fighting chance. I have just 50% lung capacity so it is REALLY important to me to make sure my immunity is up and to ward off those colds. here are 10 top tips.

Wash your Hands! Since we spend more time indoors with other people in the winter, we increase our chances of exposure to germs. Regular hand washing really help stops the spread of infection

Keep Fit (outdoors) Exercise may not be so appealing in the winter months but it  does help your body stray fighting fit, Walking running, biking or even scootering with the kids will all keep you warm and in top form.

Keep Fit (indoors) if you really don’t fancy braving the cold why not try an exercise DVD with a friends , join a gym or do a little Just Dance with the kids. Maybe consider even joining a gym for a month or two over the winter will help keep your fitness on track . It will keep you fit and make you happy!

Sleep Well. Not getting enough sleep, whether for one night or over a period of time, can reduce your immune system’s ability to fight infection. Sticking to a routine, relaxing before bed, a well aired room and emptying your mind of worrying thoughts by writing them down can all assist sleep.

Get Out. Sunlight and Vitamin D are both beneficial to your health and increase alongside the wamount of time you spend out doors so layer up and out you go!

Drink Up. We tend to naturally drink less water in winter but drinking plenty of fluids and keeping your body hydrated is important to good health. Keep  an eye on how much you are drinking.

Stay away from the Sugar  A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can help you stay healthy and fight off potential illness. Many people tend to consume diets rich in fat and high in sugar in winter which can causes them to feel sluggish and gain weight.


Even more tips on how to avoid a cold

Shaking the Blues Away Feeling down can negatively affect your immune system, so any activity that lifts your spirits and energizes you during the winter months is helpful. The winter blues can be helped by sunshine, exercise and talking to good friends. If the winter blues are really bad you may need to visit your GP.

Eat more Sunshine Try to increase your intake of whole grains, vegetables and fruits during the winter. You will be exposed to the sun less so you may wish to consume more Vitamin D rich foods such as milk, eggs and cheese.

A Little Extra You may want to consider supplements to help your immune system if your diet does not provide you with all the nutrients your body needs. I take vitamin C and echinacea on advice from my pharmacist.



10 tips on how to avoid a cold inspired by Ultra Chloraseptic whose products help tackle sore throats


P.S If your winter blues are more emotional than physical then have a look here at how to blow them away



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