Zoingo Boingo

Sometimes a new toy comes a long that just really makes me smile. We have had so many giggles over the Zoingo Boingo . My two thought it was so much fun.


It is aimed at both boys and girls aged 8 and over and retails at £24.99. It’s real;ly smart to wear a bike hat and l;long trousers when playing on this toy as you may well fall off.


You can bounce on it spin on it, wobble about on it, fall off it (a lot) and generally have lots of very energetic fun with it.  It’s actually a flexible freestyle pogo that you can really control.


So how do you zoingo boingo?

Holding the handle you simply place on foot at a time on the footpad.

To bounce you hug the ball with both feet, stretch the cord and jump!

To move – you just lean and hop in the direction you want to go

To spin you simply move shoulders  and hips in the direction you want to go and to stop you just bend your knees

Sounds easy right! Don’t get me wrong the Zoingo Boingo needs a lot of practice but it is such good fun to practice on! I have been having secret goes whilst the kids are at school!





Zoingo Boingo Freestyle Pogo Toy (Green)

You will need an air pump to inflate as not included


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