YAG laser treatment after lens replacement surgery review

Initial treatment

Two and half years ago I had lens replacement surgery with Optical Express. It has been the most amazing success and I have so enjoyed not having to wear glasses and having perfect eyesight. I would recommend it to anyone so liberating in so many ways, particularly in the rain and when swimming!


A change in my vision

A month or so ago I noticed that my eyesight seemed to have faded a bit and things weren’t so clear, a bit cloudy.

I immediately made an appointment with an Optical Express optician to see what was going on. It was very simple and a common side effect of my surgery and I was immediately reassure it could be sorted out quickly with Yag laser treatment

Lens replacement surgery generally gives very good results. However, some months or even years after treatment your vision may seem to fade. This is a common side effect caused by the thickening of the lens capsule.

The lens capsule is part of the natural lens of your eye that supports the lens implant. When it thickens it becomes milky in appearance making things seem hazy.
This is called ‘posterior capsule opacification’ and the treatment for this is a YAG laser capsulotomy.  

I was booked in for a few weeks later for Yag laser treatment. The optometrists at Optical Express are very  supportive and extremely clear at explaining what’s happening and the procedure it involved.

The day of the surgery

I was completely assured that this was a very quick , completely painless and straightforward surgery and indeed it was. I felt absolutely nothing at all and it was over in moments. I couldn’t drive for 24 hours  and yet I felt absolutely fine. Within hours my eyesight was much better and by the next day it was just as good as it had been after the initial surgery

A week later

One week later I popped back to have my eyes checked at Optical Express and my vision was absolutely right again. Such a relief and it was all so simple. It won’t need doing again and I can relax knowing all is well.

A simple surgery and so worth having done. I had brilliant treatment from Optical Express friendly and professional as always.


You can find out more about option for corrective eye surgery at Optical Express


My yag laser treatment was part of the complimentary treatment I had from Optical Express fopr the purpose of review all opinions are my own and entirely honest


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