Why Organic Toys Are Better for Your Baby?

Like all parents, you want the best for your baby.

With so much choice in the UK toy sector, finding the right toys for your child’s development can feel overwhelming. Some baby toys encourage creativity, while others look attractive but contribute little towards their growth.

If you’re looking for suitable baby toys from an online baby store UK, you’re in the right place. Here we’ll discuss five reasons why toys made from organic materials are better for your baby’s advancement. Plus, we’ll take a look at the type of toys you can get from a sustainable online store.


Why Organic Toys Are Better for Your Baby?

They Encourage Creative Play

A child’s imagination is a powerful thing. Whenever they play, they are learning too.

Buying them toys made from organic materials such as wood, rubber, or silicone helps to nurture their creativity. Their imagination soars as they play with objects that don’t have a clear use. For example, a toddler playing with wooden blocks can create the shape of a house, an animal, or anything else their minds conjure.

While plastic toys have more designs, features, and sound effects, wooden toys ideas are more inspiring.

Wooden toys are also great for stimulating their natural inquisitiveness and help them develop problem-solving, social and motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and so much more.

They Last Longer Than Plastic Toys

It’s unlikely that your little one will handle their toys with care. They’ll be chewed, bashed against the wall, and thrown around. Plastic toys will break or become brittle, but toys made from organic materials can handle the wear and tear. They can easily end up lasting a lifetime and be passed down to younger siblings.

They Are Safer Than Plastic Toys

Plastic toys are made from harmful chemicals like bisphenol A (BPA), which was recently linked to hormone disruption. In many brightly coloured toys, traces of lead, mercury, and even arsenic have been detected. PVC (vinyl) found in mass-produced toys is also best avoided, as they contain known carcinogens like phthalates.

The combination of chemicals that some plastic toys contain can cause more problems than they’re worth. Because babies and toddlers put toys in their mouths, ensuring your baby’s toys include none of these toxic chemicals is of paramount importance.

Can Cause Skin Problems

Ingesting the toxins in toys is just one issue. The chemicals in standard toys can cause or aggravate skin conditions from dermatitis to eczema. The cause is often down to mass-produced fabrics that have been processed or dyed with chemicals like formaldehyde.

For example, the production of cotton accounts for 25% of the pesticides used globally. Manufacturers use harsh chemicals to remove the oils and seeds from automatically-harvested raw cotton that can linger in the fabric.

On the other hand, organic cotton is naturally harvested, then washed with gentle soap in hot water to remove acidic residues or pesticides.



Battery-Powered Toys Are Not Eco-Friendly

Organically made toys are eco-friendly. Here’s why they have such a positive impact:

Battery Waste

Battery waste includes batteries with heavy metals. These are toxic when not disposed of properly. Sending them to the landfill for recycling would be better, however, this only takes up more energy.

Microchip Toxins

Battery-powered toys are usually fitted with at least one microchip. The manufacturing process surrounding microchips is extremely toxic. It involves chemicals, hazardous gases, and tons of water. The resulting hazardous waste pollutes the environment.

Energy Use

Re-chargeable batteries require electricity for re-charging. This contributes to air pollution unless your home is equipped with solar panels.

What Are the Best Organic Baby Toys?

Here is a selection of organic toys you can find from a conscious online baby store UK. Perfect for your baby’s first toys:

  • Pram strings
  • Baby play gyms
  • Rattles
  • Rubber teethers
  • Activity rings
  • Building cups
  • Fabric blocks
  • Shape sorters
  • Stuffed toys
  • Music sets

All are made from organic and vegan-friendly materials, including high-quality organic cotton, anti-bacterial natural woods, and silicone.

Buy Your Baby the Best Toys While Doing the Planet a Favour

Toys made from natural materials such as wood, develop your child’s problem-solving and motor skills. They do not pose the same threat as mass-produced toys. They last longer, include no harmful chemicals, and the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

For peace of mind that your child is developing well and is protected from toxic chemicals, consider organic toys from an online baby store UK.


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