When working from home gets old

As a freelance writer, I am based at home and today I am thinking about when working from home gets old.


When working form home gets old


When working from home gets old

I know for many of you that have to sit in rush hour traffic every day that can sound wonderful. I know the thought of working in your cosy PJ’s especially in winter sounds pretty awesome too. Having no colleagues to distract you, no coffee fund to pay into and no office parties that you have to attend..as well as endless meetings. Yep, working from home certainly has a lot of perks and I do absolutely appreciate and acknowledge the privileges it has afforded me.

Dare I say it though – sometimes I rather long to get out of the house and work. Sometimes I would like to share my coffee break with someone else too, chat over a few ideas, share some thoughts and even discuss the weather.

Working by yourself at home can be a little lonely and although there is social media it is not quite the same as real living, breathing human beings.

Plus, when I work from home I never  EVER feel like I properly shut the door on my work sometimes I long for an office I can leave behind at the end of the day.


A solution for when working from home gets old

Signature Works are a collaborative office space based in Liverpool. They offer a range of membership options and benefits for freelancers, startups and bigger businesses.  There are meeting rooms, networking opps and even gym facilities – so many benefits for members. This kind of collaborative office set up would be just perfect for me just a couple of days a week would be enough to fill my social needs and give me a break from home.

Then it would probably be back to the PJs!


When working from home gets old is a  collaborative post – you might also like my post on how to be a great working mum



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