What stops mums from sleeping well?

Many things stop parents of young children sleep easy at night. I can think of 10 common problems young families have with sleep:

1. Baby needs feeding
2. Baby wakes up crying for comfort/cuddles
3. Baby needs their nappy changing
4. Co-sleeping and they are wrigglers
5. You think baby might need feeding/changing/cuddles so sleep on alert and keep waking
6. Your bed is uncomfortable
7. Your partners a snorer
8. You have so many things on your mind
9. You are worried about money
10. You have got in a pattern of waking with the baby and are finding it hard to sleep through

I bet you can think of loads more reasons can’t you? Having kids hugely changed (damaged) my sleep patterns!

Sorting out your money worries mean being VERY PRACTICAL. Be ruthlessly honest about incomings /  outgoings and adjust your spending where necessary. It will take a huge load of your mind. Also do your research…get every benefit you are due, seek out voucher codes, look online for budgeting advice for everything from cooking to parties. Lose those worries and get sorted!

In regards to your partner snoring apparently you can try copying their sound then getting quieter and quieter, apparently they will match their sounds to yours if you fall into their rhythm first!

Lastly in regard to beds,,do make sure you get a good one. Silentnight do a great bed range and a good bed is well worth budgeting for. They also have a great selection of mattresses. Good sleep makes a huge difference  to our ability to cope with life and the demands of young kids.

Hope you are sleeping easy !






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  1. September 28, 2012 / 1:19 pm

    Hi Becky, I totally agree with you. I am a mother of two children and as you mentioned these common problems. Yes it really bothers me too.

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