What should new parents look out for in a new home?

What should new parents look out for in a new home? – That is a good question.

The act of choosing a new home is a completely subjective one, and your list of priorities is never going to tally with those being proffered by the friends and family members currently burdening you with advice.

parents look out for in a new home


It is essential that you take a moment to align those priorities now, though; how many bedrooms do you want? Would you like separate living and dining spaces, or one large family area? How important is outside space? A garden can be a real asset to any home, particularly if you’re going to be attempting to entertain rowdy toddlers, and then moody teenagers. Location, proximity to amenities and schools, and crime rate statistics should all be investigated, as should doctors’ surgeries, dentists and libraries.

As you begin to view houses, it’s important to visualise how each will look once you’ve moved in. How would you use the space? What colours and furniture would you introduce? Every family’s needs are different, and one person’s use of space may be another’s nightmare. What can you work with, and what would you find suffocating, or impossible to live with? If you are finding it difficult to imagine yourself living in a particular house, it may be time to move on; you’ll know when it’s right.

While visualising your family home as you wander around an empty shell is a good idea, you should avoid putting too much onus on that ideal if it’s going to be difficult to recreate; if your vision of the perfect family home is going to require extensive graft, move on.

Finally, think about the homelier touches that you’re going to bring into your new property as they can be the real clincher during house hunting. Can you imagine your sumptuous couch over by that archway, or a seat covered with cushions under that window?

The advantages of renting your first family home

The option of renting should never be discarded, particularly by young professional families moving into a new area. Renting can have many advantages, particularly when organised by an expert vendor such as Harry Dhaliwal. For example, have you considered the additional costs, such as bills and maintenance, that owning your own home would introduce? When you rent your family home, it falls to the landlord and agency to arrange and fund repairs for you, while initial costs, such as the deposit, will also be far smaller.

There is also an element of security provided if you choose to rent. Agents such as Harry will guide you through the entire process, offer advice when it comes to choosing the right home, and provide care once you’ve moved in. For young professional families, few things are as stressful as moving home with a young baby in tow; allow a rental agency to alleviate a little of that stress.

Whether you’ve planned your new home down to the décor, have an idea of the number of bedrooms you’d like, or have simply narrowed it down to the location, the fact remains the same; choosing that first home for your new, and growing, family is perhaps one of the most exciting undertakings you’re ever likely to embark upon.



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