What can you cook with Quorn ?

You can’t get a much better endorsement for a health food product than by a top athlete.  Have a look at this…

I have been a Quorn fan for years and as a family of vegetarians we eat it regularly. It isn’t just for veggies though! It is just the easiest of ingredients to cook with.

Quorn’s main ingredient is Mycoprotein, a nutritious member of the fungi family that is grown by fermentation (a bit like bread) It is a great source of protein and dietary fibre and low in fat so an absolutely brilliant ingredient to use in recipes.

We make lasagne and bolognese and chilli with the Quorn mince. We have made Korma, fajitas, and mushroom and quorn pies with the quorn pieces. The bacon we often fry with halloumi and make wraps and Quorn hot dogs lathered in ketchup in wholemeal buns are always a hit with any child that comes to tea. We often eat the savory eggs and Quorn ham slices as part of picnic lunch and the roast is wonderful with roast potatoes, veggie gravy and Yorkshire puds. In fact there are over 100 Quorn products in all and you really can cook pretty much anything with them.

Have a look over at the Quorn youtube channel to find out more


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