What Can Make Your Car Insurance Cheaper?

So What Can Make Your Car Insurance Cheaper?

When it comes to your annual car insurance renewal, it is normally a dreaded time as this can set you back several hundred pounds (or even over a grand if you’re a younger driver or you have points on your licence).

The good news is that if you are only an occasional driver, or need temporary car insurance to borrow a friend’s car, short term cover is now available. For new NI drivers, NI learner insurance is also available online

The exact figure you’ll have to pay is based on a lot of different factors including your previous driving history, age, car type and location in the UK.  Some of the things relating to this cannot be influenced but there are some which can make quite a big difference to the policy amount.

Having a family can be very expensive and the last thing you want is to have an expensive quote for your car insurance. Find out about some of the things that can make your car insurance cheaper here.


What Can Make Your Car Insurance Cheaper?

What Can Make Your Car Insurance Cheaper?

Let’s take a look


Most insurance policies will allow people to make amendments to the excess amount that is due to be paid if you make a claim.  This can be anything from zero to up to figures like £1,000.  The higher the excess, the cheaper the insurance policy should be.  Unfortunately, not all insurers will allow you to set this figure yourself, so it is important that you are aware of the excess amount before accepting the policy.

It might be useful to check a car insurance comparison site to find policies where you can set your own voluntary excess. Click this link to get started.


Storage of car

Where you have your car overnight will affect your policy.  They will always ask you if you plan to keep it on the roadside, driveway or garage.  Clearly, the most secure option would be the garage and by doing it like this, would give you a cheaper policy.  It is important to be truthful as if you have declared it is stored in the garage and this is not what you do then make a claim (and they find out it was not in your garage) then this could be invalidated.

The location of your home will also affect the premium.


No Claims Bonus

Probably the easiest way to get a large amount of money deducted from your policy is by having a no claims bonus.

Good driving and the fact that you do not claim will leave you in a good position with the insurers looking at this favourably. Every year you rack up a no claims bonus this will give you a large percentage reduction in your policy (normally up to 5 years).  If you have a bad driving history and make regular claims, then the insurance will no doubt be higher.

You can build up your no claims bonus with most companies and still have the ability to move to another company although the new company may ask for evidence of your no claims history or contact your previous insurer directly.


Our Verdict on What Can Make Your Car Insurance Cheaper?

If you are struggling with paying for your car insurance for your family car then we suggest that you take on board the tips that we have given you in this article. Think about what you can do to reduce the price overall.

Obviously using a service like car hire Warrington if you only need a car occasionally would make a huge difference to your car insurance costs.


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