What Are the Next Steps for My Relationship?

Once you have had a child or several, you may feel like your family is complete. However, there might also be some changes that you want to make within your relationship. These changes might differ depending on whether or not your current partner is the father to all of your children. For the most part, any relationship changes may need to be agreed upon with you both. There may also be times when it is important for your children to be involved in any decision-making so that you can keep your household happy.


What Are the Next Steps for My Relationship?


You and your partner may have been content living together, and raising children, for some time. While some couples may already be married, you may have put this off or felt it was not previously the right time for you. Now, with your family growing, you may want to rethink this option. 

Even if it isn’t something you want to jump into immediately, you might want to think about getting engaged, and then waiting to officially get married. Looking at a beautiful collection of engagement rings can help to build up excitement. Plus, your children may be thrilled to know that they could be a part of a wedding. This might be especially important to them if they have your partner’s name, as this could allow you all to finally share a surname.

When your partner is a step-parent to some of your children, he may have a vested interest in their upbringing and happiness. If they have developed a close relationship, you may want to think about how he can have more of a role within their lives. In some cases, adoption isn’t suitable, especially if your children still have a good relationship with your ex-partner. If this is the case, one option available to you could be a Parental Responsibility Agreement. This would involve anyone who currently has Parental Responsibility, which may be yourself and potentially your ex-partner, agreeing and signing a document that can allow your partner to make some important decisions, such as with your children’s medical needs.

One major life change you can make in your relationship can be to make the leap from renting a property to becoming homeowners. It is important to remember that purchasing property can be incredibly stressful, so you may want to continuously check in with each other to gauge how you are feeling. A lot of open communication can be important here, especially if you plan on taking out a long-term mortgage. In the end, you could find your forever home that you both simply adore. This process may take many months, or even years, so patience can also be important.

A relationship doesn’t need to be stagnant. There are ways that you can build on trust and discourse skills, as well as to continue exploring each other’s preferences and desires. Some other, larger changes could benefit your family as a whole, creating a sense of more stability that you all might enjoy.


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