Vinyl for beginners

Vinyl for beginners

Maybe you are brand new to vinyl and think it’s a medium of music you might really like to discover and explore.

Maybe you have vague memories of your parents much loved vinyl collection and fancy starting your own?

Vinyl for beginners


These beautiful record players are from Rockit

My story goes that until I was about 12 we only had a record player and we wore it out! Abba followed by Duran Duran and Wham! were our albums of choice. We listened to tapes sometimes too and of course recorded the charts off the radio but it was our records we loved the most. CDs appeared when I was about 12 into our home and slowly we stopped listening to vinyl. Mum and Dad didn’t STOP though and Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and the ever-present Elvis (mum was a BIG fan) continued to spin around our record player and fill our home. Vinyl was a big part of my childhood.

As a thrifty blogger and a music lover, records are still a huge love of mine and, buying vinyl from charity shops, is one of my pleasures. I love country music and I adore to listen to old Swing records and classical music too.

They just make you want to embrace vinyl don’t they – gorgeous, stylish and with the promise of hours and hours of musical happiness.

I love these suitcase record players best of all, they are so cute and would store so easily And, aren’t they just perfect for taking along on a picnic.

I think they are a lovely beginners record player.

Entry level turntables such as this Crosley can be pretty inexpensive and a couple of albums from a thrift store will not set you back either.

A lovely introduction to vinyl.


Obviously, if you go forward you may want to invest in more serious kit and maybe even some collectable records but that will probably come after you have properly fallen in love with vinyl.

So what is its magic?

A record collection has scratches and a bit of dust, marks and bent corners.

it smells a little fusty and dusty sometimes, you can see where you have held your records and how often they have been played.

You can remember the days and times and moments those records recollect.  There is something romantic, nostalgic and special about vinyl that a CD or Mp3 can never replicate. Vinyl is tactile, you have to engage with it, you have to work its own course not decide on the order you want to play.

Vinyl is really very special and I think once you fall in love with it. It really is a love affair that lasts forever.

An expensive hobby? Oh, it doesn’t have to be… get yourself to a flea market or raid your Uncle Harry’s casts offs and have a little play. You will not look back.






  1. February 27, 2018 / 7:01 pm

    I do love a good Vinyl record player. I’m a huge fan of those suitcase record player – very portable and stylish. I bring mine over to my friends when we’re hanging out and we have a blast!

  2. April 11, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    I’ve always loved the look of the suitcase record players, but have never found one that produces a high quality sound. But I will keep looking…

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