Review: TumTum Tots Cutlery and Dining Sets

I was recenntly sent some children’s cutlery and a dining set to review from TumTum Reassuringly these were designed by parents closely observing what their children needed to manage their food.

…..we watched how our kids ate their food, battling to keep their peas on their forks, rotating their spoons in their mouths and dropping their food on the floor.  We knew it was important for them to enjoy eating and to do this they needed the right tools for the job.They didn’t need scaled down versions of adult cutlery or clumsy design with the latest characters on….They needed well thought out products, designed specifically for their little fingers.  The result was TUMTUM. 

So here is just some of the range they created and our review of it.













In the trainee cutlery range we were sent we had :

  • Bowl shaped fork to keep peas in place whilst still being able to stab pasta
  • Knife blade not too sharp and at the correct cutting angle.
  • Straighter sides on spoon to aid scooping.
  • Grippy sleeves to aid grip initially, but which can be removed as the child wishes to be more ‘grown up’
  • Mix & Match letters on the handles make up simple pre-school words, such as EAT, ATE, TEA, YUM.
  • Handy Travel Case.
  • BPA, phthalate & PVC free

We LOVE this set it really helps our 4 year old eat more easily, it is substantial has well built up sides on the spoon and fork and good grips. The best kids cutlery set I have yet to come across. She loves it and gets cross if i give her anything else.











We also tried a beaker from TumTum. It was substantial attractive and crucially

  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA, phthalate & PVC free












Last we tried out a dining set

We loved the curved up edges on the plate so that fodd didnt go flying off. We also really liked the four cornered bowlthat allowed runaway food to  be gathered and scooped. This is without doubyt the perfect set for little learners develioping thie co-ordination. Again it is

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Recommended for ages 3+
  • BPA, phthalate & PVC free



The dining set comes in a really neat brown cardboard box that converts in to a play case with line drawings that can be coloured in . I adore this packaging idea…recycling at it’s best!











Great products that really do help a child eat more easily. Well done TumTum!



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