Toy Story Buzz Rocket Tent

How cool is this Toy Story Buzz Rocket Tent?! 

My toy criteria is always:  Can I store it?  Will it take hours to assemble and will I lose bit easily?  Sad I know but I am sure you understand. I also LOVE my kids to use their imagination so toys tied into films don’t always get my vote…HOWEVER this ticks all my boxes and I think this is a brilliant toy.


The Buzz rocket tent has a roll up door and window, escape tunnel and control panel, is quick and easy to put together, with support rods for extra sturdiness.  The portable sound unit has three fun sounds and an LED light, and can be clipped onto your child’s wrist or the rocket control panel.  However this is only a small device and largely kids have to use their Imagination to get the best of this toy. My 2 little angels loved it popping in and out of the tunnel and space rocket pretending to take off fly and land. Lying it down, standing it up, whirling around with it. They found it lots of fun and a great way to play out the film at home.

 The Toy Story Buzz rocket tent usually retails at £39.99 and can be bought from a variety of shops including Amazon. It is made by Worlds Apart who sell tons of fab Toy Story products


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