Tough toys for ‘rough and tumble’ kids

Tough toys

Buying toys for rambunctious little ones can be an exercise in futility. Toys that are not designed or built to hold up to rough play can be a waste of time and money. What’s the point in buying something that will end up in the ‘broken toys’ bin in a couple of weeks? It is best to buy toys built with the liveliest child in mind. Toys that can handle the inevitable drop on the floor or even being buried under a hundred other toys in the toy box.

There are several manufacturers who have got the perfect recipe to a kid friendly yet durable, fun toy figured out. Vtech toys are great options for those looking for a toy that allows you to combine education and fun into one sturdy toy fpr playtime. There are a variety of age-appropriate Vtech toys that will help teach a child the basics like shapes, numbers and the alphabet while keeping the little ones entertained. A camera that can be dropped, drooled on, chewed on, and thrown across the bedroom without breaking = a great gift idea for Christmas!

Tough toys

Little Tikes toys are another great option for rough and tumble kids. A variety of toys geared towards boys or girls are made with hard plastics that will hold up in some of the toughest conditions. Little Tikes cars or kitchen sets are designed to last for several years. The bright colours of the toxic-free plastics appeal to any young child’s senses.

The youngest little one will love the Fisher Price Jumperoo toy. There are plenty of activities to keep little hands busy while giving the legs a great workout. The Fisher Price Jumperoo is sturdy enough for even the most active babies, with bright colours and toys located at various points around the jumper to provide a fun and exciting environment. The jumper is a great way to keep the most curious, active child entertained in one safe spot. A rotating seat allows the child to rotate in a complete circle, allowing them movement, whilst still allowing you to keep an eye on them.

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