Topps Minis Fa Pitch and Play Set

This little table top football set costs £16.59 and the idea is you play a little game of football with it. Character Options 04443 Topps Minis Fa Pitch and Play Set



You pass and shoot by flicking your players. The set includes all 24 pitch sections so you can build your own football pitch so you can challenge your friends to table top football.

Includes 3 mystery player figures,

8 slider bases,

2 goal posts,

2 goal nets,

4 corner flags with bases,

2 goalkeeper bases and 1 football.

For ages 5 years and over up to grown men,

I can’t see it and don’t get why its fun but the men in my house are loving htis form consturcting it to playing it. Aopparently the footballers look exactly like the axctual footballers they represest. My son declares he  cannot wait to get some more.

He’ll love this add on section to take penalties (£8.99)  and he know he is keen to get more characters.

Character Options 04442 Topps Minis Fa Dead Ball Zone

Extra characters cost £1.99 each and their are 24 to collect (thought obviously 5 a side is plenty!) and they come with a n extra ball or slider base

Character Options Fa Player Figures (Styles May Vary)

A fab toy for Christmas if they are into footie but do be aware they are almost sure to want more players.


Includes all 24 pitch sections
Play table top football with your friends
3 mystery player figures included
Contains 8 slider bases
Pitch size: 51x38cms

Character Options 04443 Topps Minis Fa Pitch and Play Set


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