Toddlebike – the very first balance bike for toddlers

Toddlebikes are a new ‘pre-balance’ bike designed for Toddlers  aged 1 -3. Toddlebikes are an easy way to build daily exercise in to aToddlers daily routine even before they are ready for Balance Bikes, Scooters or pedals. Weighing less than 1kg and suitable for indoor or outdoor use,
Light as a feather these are easy to take anywhere and a first introduction to cycling for a little one. Great round the house too.
Here is our tester Harry demonstrating on his little bike. Harry is 18 months old and adores his bike WHEN he can get his 3 year old brother Alfie off it!
Toddlebike costs19.95 + £3.95 P&P online. There are a  a small number of shops who sell from between £20 and £25. . Toddlebikes are 3 year guaranteed and are CE and TUV certified. I think this would make a fab christmas present for an 18m + who can confidently walk


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