Things to do at Sherwood Pines

Things to do at Sherwood Pines

I have lived in Nottingham all my life and I love it dearly. A city of contrasts it has amazing shopping and nightlife and is intensley modern and chic. It is urban and yet with huge patches of green. It is historic and vibrant full of tales and legends and quirky traditions. It is a wonderful place to raise a child.

Things to do

Sherwood Pines has been part of our summer timetable since the children were tiny and we have biked and picnicked there on several occasions. There is so much to do there and the cafe is excellent as are the brilliant parks  (2 very important ingredients for me as a mum!)

Things to do at Sherwood Pines

Mushroom Village with its sand play is the perfect for toddlers and there is t Robin Hood’s Hideout for older kids and of course there are beautiful walk s to be had amongst the trees and along the trails. Sherwood Pines is after all  the East Midlands’ largest public forest, set within great Sherwood Forest home of our hero Robin Hood.

So all this I already knew and loved about Sherwood Pines,,,but last week I was invited by the Forestry Commission who along with a bunch of other lovely bloggers Amanda, Jen, Louise and Penny to go and explore nature crafting and den building at Sherwood Pines.

Nature crafting

Ranger Kev was the children guide for the day and he was fabulous. Relaxed and enthusiastic he totally engaged the children in exploring the forest and looking, touching and creating with nature. Look what he encouraged them to make ….


The children made boggarts out of clay and nature finds. Boggarts are those pesky creatures that live in mud and puddles and now eat your wellies.


Nature Art

The children all made a giant picture out of pine cones sticks and bits of and bobs on the ground. This is Harry the fox and the proud group of artists.

Pen Pots

Next the children were given a hammer!!! and under the watchful eye of ranger Kev they made lovely pencil  pot holders out of the pine form the forest. Annalise made a deer and she was delighted with it. The children were also give n a piece of card with some double sided sticky table across it and encouraged to pop different bits of nature they came across on it. Annalise also found a big stone she wanted to bring home and paint.

Den Building

We also did some den building with our ranger and this was really fun. Such a lot of work too . The children built a den for Harry the fox and his pals

and the blogger mums den (a triumph!) was tested by ranger Kev for its waterproof properties.. Have to say we did get a little wet!

Things to do at Sherwood Pines

We had so much fun exploring and learning at Sherwood Pines. Huge thanks to Ranger Kev and his team. The kids really love it and so did we!

There are loads of fabulous events  at Sherwood Pines and so many activities you can try for families group or individuals.

For older kids

Sherwood Pines is also home to Go Ape with its high wire course up in the tree canopy and segway forest adventures.

For more Information.

Visit to see what is coming up.

The park is open from 8am til dusk all year round. Entry to the Forest Park is free, parking charges apply (but you can save money and support the forest with a Discovery Pass –




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