There’s fun to be had in a winter garden with your little ones

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Getting kids into the garden in winter isn’t always that easy.

My kids are a bit nesh ( and so am I) but I am a  massive believer in the benefits of fresh air (for them) and five minutes peace (for me) so out they go often as I can persuade them.

Here’s what we have been up to:  

  • We have been making some feeders for the birds out of old pine cones rolled in peanut butter and smeared in bird seed and hanging them in the trees.
  • We have been bark rubbing.
  • We have decided our gardening  projects for the months ahead and pineapples are apparently the no.1 fruit the kids would like to grow! We have been through seed catalogues and cut out pictures of all the lovely flowers we want to have for the summer. We now have a grand plan and a marvellous vision board!!
  • We have been playing hopscotch and skipping depsite the cold (a bit of exercise keep you warm, doesn’t it.)
  • The kids have been using their 99p pavement chalk which is still going strong form last year.
  • My son has been out poking around for worms and bugs and using his Chritsmas magnifying glass.
  • Sometimes at night we grab a blanket and stand in a huddle in the back garden just looking at the stars.

These jaunts into the garden don’t last too long but they always bring a smile and pink cheeks and a sense of glee and a huge appreciation for a mummy cuddle and the warmth of indoors. It may not be at it’s peak but it is still an absolute treasure particularly to your little ones. We have played, seen some beautiful birds and the first snowdrop will poke her head any day. Lovely and free to boot!

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