The World of Adult Dating

Today – The world of Adult Dating


The World of Adult Dating


Adult Dating  – not always what you think

Looking at adult dating is an interesting concept. There are certain stereotypes to smash and certain taboos perhaps to address on the way. The truth is ot everyone is after a new long term partner to co-parent with them if they get back out on the dating scene after parenthood

Things certainly do alter when you have a baby but a desire for a good sex life and fun dating is not necessarily something that changes.


The change to life a baby brings

I think its really interesting how life can change in the blink of an eye or do I mean the blink of a baby?

We go from having a happy work /home/social life balance to, in most cases, a complete imbalance. ..which can last quite some time.

For many parents, the baby years can be all-consuming and their own life can get firmly put on hold in the interim.

This is pretty natural, our babies are vulnerable and they are precious and they wake up all the blooming time. It is not, however, the healthiest of attitudes to life if it continues as they grow.


Why me-time matters

Our children need us to be happy and fulfilled and we do our best parenting when this is the case and so ‘me time’ for parents is a necessity. One we are often a bit rubbish at fulfilling our me-time needs but they are something we absolutely should make a priority.

I was never very good at this and was often a bit low and irritable when actually a good night out would have probably made all the difference.

I have learned as my children have got older the at self-care is not selfish. Self-care it is just what it says it says it is. And, for our physical, emotional, social and sexual self, it is really important.


Couples after babies

Couples need to carve out time to date, to cuddle and to have physical intimacy once their baby is born. Not straight away but as soon as they both feel ready. This helps keep them bonded and happy and helps keep their needs for romance and intimacy met.


Single parent dating

For single parents dating after a baby can feel vulnerable. Your body has changed and you have new commitments. This doesn’t mean however you don’t want to socialise or that your sexual desire has gone. If you want to date – do date! and carve out those special times for yourself and your needs to be met.

Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start though right?

Well, the world of adult dating is nothing if varied and no matter what you are looking for you will, most probably find it.

It is a misconception to think that single parents are looking for a cop parent or a steady, committed relationship. That really is not always the case. They may well just be after a bit of good old fashioned fun. If this is the case that an adult dating website like No strings attached would be for them.


The World of Adult Dating



The benefits of casual dating

The benefits of a casual dating site like No Strings Attached are:

  • The clarity – no one is on here looking for relationships that are long term and knowing that from the start can save a lot of heartache and misperceptions further down the line.
  • Like mindedness – Meeting other people who you know are after ‘casual fun’ too can be a great way of shortcutting endless dating!
  • It’s a free dating site!
  • You can be really specific on this kind of adult dating site too without having to hold back on what it is you want or what kind of person you are interested in and this fresh and very modern approach to dating can be liberating.
  • Casual dating can totally fit to your schedule and does not have to demand great swathes of your time in getting to know someone

Now obviously this kind of adult dating isn’t for everyone. And there truly is a whole world of adult dating out there that does cater to those looking for more romance and potential future relationships.  But thats all good too. It’s about knowing yourself and knowing what you are looking for in your sex/love life.


Over to you

I do hope you enjoyed my post on the world of adult dating. Do you have any experiences of this you would like to share with us here on the blog – if you do please drop me a comment below.


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