The Power of the First Hour: Breastfeeding Saves Lives

Breastfeeding Saves Lives

In developing countries mothers often don’t have access to healthcare professionals who can give them the support and advice we all need when we have just had a baby.Save the Children have evidence that certain breast milk substitute manufacturers have made potentially misleading claims when advertising their products.

As a result of these and other cultural factors, mothers in these countries are often misinformed about what is best for their babies, particularly in their crucial first hour – from being told that breast milk is bad for their baby, to bottle feeding without sterile and safe equipment.

That first feed is crucial.

You can help in several ways:

Save the Children are asking you to sign their petition calling on breast milk substitute companies to always put children first.

They are also asking you to help by making a donation

Your donations contribute to blankets, midwife-training and life-saving antibiotics.

Please help your sisters around the world. Breastfeeding Saves Lives



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