The essential thrifty baby nursery

I had an interview this week with Mother and Baby magazine and they were asking for my thrifty baby tips. I have many as you know baby budgeters so we chatted on for quite sometime.

We started talking about  nurseries on a budget and I stared thinking back to when my son was born. I wanted to buy him EVERYTHING. I mean everything. His nursery wasn’t even used for the first six months but I craved to have it looking pristine and co-ordinated even before he was born. I had read WAY too many magazines with designer nurseries in!.

My budget ensured I came to my senses though, my sons nursery needs were  actually very basic.


thrifty baby nursery


He needed  a comfy cot which luckily for us a friend bought us for £30  off her neighbour. I was advised you always have to have a new mattress so we purchased but the old cot was just fine. No flaky paint or any other concerns.

A really good black out roller blinds made to measure for a really good fit was also essential. When babies sleep you definitely want them to stay that way! Over at Blinds Supermarket not only can you get really cheap/lovely blinds you also get a free child safety devise sent out with each product.


So safety matters above all else but you can still be economical(and stylish!)  Apart from a little mobile and a cheap cd player nothing else in the nursery ever got much use.

My son is 8 now we still have to make sure the bed is comfy and the blinds fit well and block out the light. As the floor is covered in Beano comics and Match Attax cards football trophies and practical jokes the bed and the blingds are about all I can actually see anyway!



The basics are really all that are needed to keep them safe and sleeping the rest is just ‘stuff’.

Save your pennies and stop looking at those glossy baby magazines!




  1. March 7, 2013 / 3:35 pm

    Where can I buy one?

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