The Best Christmas Craft Kit for Kids

I love Christmas craft kits for kids.

I love that they come with the bits you need and some guidelines rather than you having to look around and search high and low for all the bits you need and for inspiration.

I do think I have quite possibly just reviewed the Best Christmas Craft Kit for Kids though and it is this one from Edukit, which you can buy following this link for a Festive Craft Kit  for just £13.95.

It is is extremely good value for money considering the huge array of items you receive and the huge play potential.


Christmas Craft Kit for Kids

The Edukit Festive Craft Kit

The Edukit festive craft box is all kinds of awesome and it comes with over 1150 pieces. It also includes guidance to help you make Santa, a Christmas tree and a wreath. These are simple fun crafts that look  great too. There is so much to love about this kit.

Even after making 2  of the projects there was still so much stuff left I know we will be able to do lots and lots more crafts with it.


What’s inside?

  • foam sheets
  • pipe cleaner
  • tinsel pipe cleaners
  • mini pompoms
  •  card in an array of festive colours
  •  felt sheets
  •  sequins
  • confetti
  • gems
  • crepe paper
  • glitter foam shapes
  • google eyes


Christmas Craft Kit for Kids


Child led crafting fun

I find with my kids that sometimes they just love to free craft using whatever bits and bobs are out on the table and their creativity and sometimes they like to follow a tutorial. This festive craft box lends itself to both.


Christmas Craft Kit for Kids


I always offer a choice rather than dictate what we craft.

The two crafts we tried were this sweet toilet roll Santa and a 3-d Christmas tree. Both took about 30 minutes and they were so much fun to create. We popped on the Christmas music had a hot choc and set to work.





Crafting is such a  delightful way to spend quality time together. We always have a fun time together chatting and relaxing as we craft.  Baking has the same impact but it is way messier and more stressful I find.

Anyways would you like to see what we made from the festive craft box?

I have to say I think they are just absolutely delightful.


Christmas Craft Kit for Kids


Christmas Craft Kit for Kids



Edukit have lots of great craft kits not just festive ones. You can check out their crafts kits here.


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