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Are you a Tesco Club card member? `If not I urge you to join, asap

I have been for about a year now and I absolutely love the perks it brings. I use Tesco to buy my groceries and have them home dleivered in a big shop just once a month. I get points on my card in relation to how much I spend. This points system is a big incentive for me to use Tesco. For those of you that don’t use this wonderful reward system,  let me exlpain.

For every 150 points you get on your card (and you get these from shopping on line, instore or  at the petrol station) these points get coverted into vouchers. These will get sent to you in your club card statement (along with loads of fab money off vouchers and special offers.) You can then simply use these vouchers at the checkout, online or instore at  Tesco and the value just gets taken off your bill. Sinples.

But it gets even better, you can also get…..



Clubcard rewards are the very best thing about being a Tesco clubcard holdrer in my opinion. With the fabulous Club card rewards you can get some amazing deals. We tend to spend all of our rewards, which we simply swap our vouchers for, on eating at Pizza Express or on the cinema. You get amazing deals with both of these and it makes my children very happy!  You get a lot more than the vouchers monetary value in your rewards and they make a real treat. You also make substantial savings. Take a look and find out more about the Clubcard Deals for yourself, I am certain you will find something to tempt you.


What would you spend your vouchers on? Hotels, days out, or a lovely beauty session perhaps? I know my kids would like me to save ours up and get one of these for us:



They would be wanting us to go each and every weekend!!

Have a look at this video to find out more about how the scheme work. It really is a simple and valuable scheme. I highly recommend it.

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