Profile of a Budgeting Mum to Be: Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks

Sparkles and Stretchmarks

Hi, what’s your name?

Hi! My name is Hayley 🙂

Sparkles and Stretchmarks

Any kids?:

I am currently expecting my first child – he’s due to be delivered via c-section on 26th March, unless he decides to put in an early appearance!

Do you work? FT/PT?:

I usually do, yes but due to some problems with ill health I relocated for the duration of my pregnancy from my usual home in Devon back to my hometown of Liverpool to be close to my family for support – this was when I was 25 weeks pregnant, so I have not worked since then. I was working two jobs before the pregnancy – one at an afterschool club, and one was running my own childrens party planning/entertainment business. I plan to return to the party planning business once the baby is born and we return to Devon and back to our normal life!

Why do you work?

I have always worked because its something I enjoy – I’m quite a social person and I have always made friends through work. I enjoy the opportunity to earn my own money, and find that I enjoy the routine of working. However, once I became a Mum I am not so keen on the idea of working full time as I am not overly keen on the idea of having to make childcare arrangements – I have a plan in mind to try to avoid having to use a nursery or childminder, which I’m hoping will work. (I have nothing against people using childcare, this is just a personal decision as I have worked in many childcare settings and certain things I have seen have scarred me a little!)

What are your child care arrangements?

My plans for childcare arrangements are that my partner will be working during the week, he works office hours to Monday-Friday from 9-5. I will be on maternity allowance until October, but once this time has passed my plan is to resume my childrens party business (the parties are almost always during weekend days) and to look for an evening job a few nights per week – something along the lines of supermarket work. This means that I will be responsible for childcare during the day, and my partner will be responsible for childcare during the evenings and when I have parties at the weekends. (The parties only take up 4 hours maximum a day, so we will still have time together as a family as they are not every weekend!)

How do you manage for money?

My partner and I pool our earnings together, and pay all of our outgoings before anything else – we then look at what we have left each month, and work out what we may need that month (if there are any birthdays or occasions we may need to allocate money for, etc) and what we have left to spend.

Do you worry about money? Oh yes!!!

What do you waste money on?

I am quite bad at splurging – during the pregnancy I have certainly gone way OTT on buying baby clothes – I tell myself I’m allowed to because its my first child and I enjoy it, but I know I have gone way overboard with the buying. This is certainly something I will have to be careful with in the future.

How do you make extra cash?:

Well starting my own business was great for this – the parties are something I really enjoy doing, they don’t cost much to organise and they have been very successful. Other ways would be things like ebay and I really enjoy doing car boot sales! – I tend never to throw anything way, as my trash is always somebody elses treasure. Even if I only make £20 from a car boot sale, its £20 I didn’t have before and I’ve had a fun morning meeting new people and getting fresh air in the process! I love it!

Can you share 3 top budgeting tips for other parents?

These are more tips for pregnant people who are trying to get everything together for a new baby, as I have experience of that but no experience of actual parenting yet! Hope thats ok. (its perfect! )

1. Plan ahead and hit the sales! – Shops are always having end of season sales, and I found it really beneficial to work out what age my baby would be in each season for the next year (for example, in the summer he would be wearing 3-6 months clothes, next winter he’d be wearing 6-9 months clothes, etc) and shop the sales for bargain outfits in the correct sizes. I have my baby pretty much all kitted out for the first year of his life – the clothes are all from top shops and are super cute, but I paid a fraction of the price for them that I would be paying if I waited until the season was here!

2. Amazon wishlists – I can’t vouch for any other site as I only have experience with Amazon, but one of the first things I did when I found out that I was expecting was create a wishlist of all the items I wanted to purchase for the baby – everything from thermometers to books to baby monitors and everything in between – and I then noticed that if you check your wishlist regularly, you’ll notice that things tend to be put on sale every so often. I never purchase anything at full price because I know if I keep checking back – eventually the price will be lowered. When I see a price I like, I buy it! Having the items sitting there on the wishlist all in one place makes it really easy to keep going on and checking the current price situation.

3. Set up an ISA or the equivalent, or even just buy yourself a pot to keep throwing loose change into – 9 months is quite a long time and if you resolve to throw every £2 coin you get, or transfer every odd amount left in your account at the end of each week, the pennies will soon add up. It doesn’t have to be massive amounts, but every little really does help.

 Thank you Hayley good luck with your birth!

Hayley blogs at: Sparkles and Stretchmarks

Twitter: @Raine_Fairy


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