Sleeping Aids Review

My sleep has been pretty rubbish lately.

I had a throat infection and since then it has gone all out of sync. This has happened to me before. When I breastfed my babies I used to wake every 21/2 hours. That continued long after I stopped. I am doing it again now and it is making me exhausted (and cranky)

Those lovely people at bed specialists Silent Night sent me two L’Occitane products to trial to see how they impacted my sleep.

The first was a pillow mist


This pillow mist combines the soothing properties of 100% natural essential oils (lavender, tea tree and geranium) with softening lime blossom extract, to help calm tensions and soothe nerves. Its aromatic fragrance should help ease away stress and anxiety and promotes a peaceful, repairing sleep.

I have a strong sense of smell and am easily emotionally moved by smells so I had high hopes for this. But sadly the smell just wasn’t right for me and made me uncomfortable for some reason I could not fathom so this didn’t work and I had to stop using it after the first night.

What a shame!

The next item I reviewed was L’Occitanes relaxing bath and massage oil which is rich in relaxing essential oils (lavender, tea tree, geranium) and softening vegetable oils (apricot and grape seed) this had a more subtle fragrance and I liked it more.

Each night for a week I had a warm oil bath before bed and on a few occasions gave myself a hand and arm massage too. I definitely felt more relaxed. I still woke each night but less often and I got back to sleep faster.

Whether it was having a nightly bath or the oil that worked I don’t know or care I shall continue to use it in the bath …something is working!


My top sleep tips are

1. Have a routine:try and sleep and rise at the same time to regulate your body clock

2. Try and talk out worries before you sleep so they don’t whirl round your head

3. Don’t eat too late.

4. Aim for an uncluttered dust free room

5. Insist your partner do something about their snoring!




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