Single Parent Money-Saving Hacks

Today – Single parent money-saving hacks

Single Parent Money Saving Hacks

Single Parent Money-Saving Hacks

If you are looking for single parent money-saving hacks it will be because it is blooming expensive being a single parent! Especially when it comes to family days out.

PayPlan has recently launched a campaign called ‘The Cost Of Single Parenting‘. They have undertaken some unique research which reveals how much “family deals” discriminate against single parents.

It is pretty shocking.

PayPlan analysed different family deals in the UK as part of the campaign and found that many of them work out at a much higher cost for single parents than two-parent families.

That really does not seem very fair does it.


How many single-parent families are there in the UK

1 in 4 families in the UK is single-parent families so 25% of families are affected by these unfair prices and business is making money in a quarter of transactions. Hmmm. This is just not on.



Cinema Blues

The cost of single parenting research showed that single-parent families are paying £12.50 more when they buy a family ticket to see a film at an Odeon cinema.


A family ticket would cost £32 per paying adult in a single-parent household. It would be just £19.50 per paying adult for two-parent families.

Now how is that fair. Over a year that would really add up and tbh it would put me off going to the cinemas wouldn’t it you?

Cinema money hacks: Switch DVD’s with a friend, make your own popcorn, dig out a big blankie to cuddle under and keep your cinema at home. No bus/petrol costs either!

Infographic revealing how family activities cost more for single parent families

Holiday Hell

Family deals on holidays from the UK can even cost single parents up to £2262 more. Now that is pretty much the cost of an entire other holiday It costs £4707 per paying adult for a single parent to take two children on a Mediterranean family cruise. A family deal for two parents costs £2,444.

Ridiculous and so totally unfair.

As a single parent people have enough to handle without an increased financial strain. It just seems so totally wrong,

Holiday money hack: Have you considered a staycation, a house swap with friends or even camping. You get so much more for your money and less time is lost in actually travelling too.


More Single parent money-saving hacks

Finances can be a real strain for single parents and not helped by unfair pricing policies as above!

Here are my top tips for making savings for single-parent families when it comes to entertainment or days out

  • Join up with another single parent to make the best of a family deal
  • Always take water bottles with you
  • Always take snacks with you
  • Keep your eyes peeled for free events, scour the internet and your local council and Netmums websites
  • car share where you can
  • Get a family and friends railcard for excellent savings
  • Keep an eye out great Groupon deals, you can often make huge savings that way


A third of children with a single working parent live in poverty. Money-saving has to be high on the agenda. But, we must also call out discrimination that we say whether in fact we are single parents or not. This is a real and impacting inequality that has to be addressed.

I hope you have found this post on single parent money-saving hacks helpful


single parent money-saving hacks is a collaborative post you might also like my post on having a better insight into your spending


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