Show OVO Energy your smooth moves for a chance to win #ShakeItOVO

Do you ever dance like no one is watching?

We all have a little dance around our kitchen when we are happy don’t we?

Have a little look at James rocking it in his pants:

James aka ’Smooth Mover’; an ordinary guy at home in his living room, showing off his best dance moves and enjoying the freedom granted him by the PAYG mobile app from OVO, which allows him to top up his energy without leaving the house.

OVO Energy have become a major player in the energy supply business and they aim to make energy as effortless and simple as possible. They have been awarded Energy Supplier of the Year, for the third year running, at the 2017 uSwitch Energy Awards.

With Smart PAYG+ you can top up your meter anytime, anywhere using the app and it is really intuitive. Such an empowering idea and such a cool concept. I love it!

And I just love the video – so funny.

I have to admit this week I’ve been having a little dance in my kitchen do you fancy a peek?


I also thought (just so I didn’t feel totally daft on my own) I’d get my littlest dancing before school. Well it’s a good thrifty way to warm up right!

Oh we did go school in such good spirits that morning!

So now it is over to you. I would love to see you dancing like no one is watching!

How to win a fabulous onesie

If  you upload a video of your own ‘smooth moves’ on Twitter or Instagram and tag #ShakeItOVO you will be in with a chance to win a super cosy, super flexible onesie

You can find all the competitions terms and conditions here

Wishing you the best of luck and do let me know if you enter!


You can find OVO Energy on social at:


Twitter: @OVOEnergy

Facebook: @ovoenergy


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