Schleich Dragon Knights and Schleich Griffin Knights

Today  – Schleich Dragon Knights and Schleich Griffin Knights

The Schleich Dragon knights and the Griffin Knights are the latest offering s from the wonderful toy makers Schlieich. Instead of good vs evil we have dragon vs griffin and you have to pick your side.

Such gorgeous and well made toys.

We have many Schleich figures and are big fans of these detailed, playable and well crafted models. They have a long play life and they really stir a child imagination. My son still plays with Schleich toys we bought him 5 years ago! A great investment and lovely to have a few to interact with each other. We particularly like their animals.


Schleich Dragon knights

I am loving the Dragon warrior, he is apparently he  fiercest warrior among the Dragon Knights

And the griffin rider too of course the mightiest griffin warrior . At almost £25 each we may have to wait for Christmas for these two! But we dd absolutely love the knights and warriors we were sent to review from the two sides. Take a look at them in action in Battle at the Dining Table…..

Schleich Dragon knights


Schleich Dragon knights

There has since been battle of the sofa and battle of the stairs….. Standard figures like the one below cost about £11.  Click here to find the full range of Schleich toys


I hoep you have like this look at the Schleich Dragon knights and Griffin nights – take a peek her for more  toys for endless play


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