Savvy and Simple Money Saving Tips #5

Birthdays parties demand we employ some money saving tips or they can cost FAR too much …..

Saving money on birthdays

  • Have a present drawer. I am buying lots in the sales at the moment that will keep us going throughout the year
  • Chloe (my daughter)  makes her friends presents we buy canvas and she does photo montages or craft on them.
  • I get the kids to make birthday cards for their friends instead of buying them
  • Instead of buying different wrapping paper for every occasion I buy a big roll of brown paper and get the children to decorate the required size depending on the occasion it is needed for
  • Why not visit your local scrapstorefor craft materials, they are like Aladdin’s caves of fab ideas. My local one has ribbon, cards and envelopes too, great for the present drawer
  • money saving tips

Aren’t these ideas great! Fun activities for your kids as well as cheaper birthdays!



With thanks (in order) to Emma who blogs about her fabulous family life at Emma and 3

Emma Vansotne blogs at Mummy Mummy Mum about life with her lovely 3 kids

Sarah blogs at Boo Roo and Tigger Too where she taslks about juggling motherhood with working and childcare too

 Penny blogs at Parentshaped a UK family travel blog about all things parent shaped!


More money saving tips …

If you have a money saving tip to share on this new weekly feature I would love to hear from you. Please email me at A photo would be fab too but not essential. Please make sure it is short and sweet and easy to achieve. Thank you


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