Savvy Buys are amazing value!

I have written before about and how fantastic it is that you can compare the price of items between supermarkets and decide the best place to purchase your basket of shopping. Now they have come up with an amazing new concept that really gets my budgeting juices flowing. Savvy Buys.

Savvy Buys are items that are REALLY good value


Savvy buys have their own shelf an are indicated by the green thumbs up symbol. Look at the amazing value on these Kellogg’s cereal packs. That is a seriously stunning saving, just the type you will find on a Savvy Buys shelf.


Obviously each store will have different things on its Savvy Buys shelf but they are well worth checking out. These are not supermarket tactics these are seriously good deals. We eat tons of cereal, the kids love variety and at just over 10p a box these are such a bargain. I am so glad I have found this Savvy Buys feature. I‘ll be visiting it often! The Savvy Buys  symbol is attached to each product that mySupermarket has selected so you can also easily see which items are Savvy Buys when filling your basket the normal way as well.

Using My Supermarket makes savvy shopping online easy. You simply

  1. Shop online for groceries, wines and health & beauty products
  2. They compare prices and find the best offers in the leading online stores so you don’t have to spend hours searching and comparing
  3. You save an average of £17 every time you shop with them

It’s well worth a visit to mySupermarket and keep your eyes peeled for those Savvy Buys.




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