Saving Money This Halloween

Halloween starts the busy–and expensive–holiday season off with a bang. Many moms find themselves struggling to figure out how to balance it all: costumes for all of the kids, treats for your child’s classroom at school, and candy for trick-or-treaters all add up fast! Managing Halloween on a budget can be difficult, but with a few simple tips and tricks, you can make the most of the holidays without blowing your budget.



    • Shop for costumes at a discount. Look for sales, especially as Halloween gets closer.

    For example, you can get Up to 56% Off children fashion clothes and accessories using this CathKidston coupon.

    • Turn clothing items, which can be reused, into costumes your child will love! Use the white company discount codes and get up to 30% off children’s and baby clothing!
    • Reuse costumes from previous years. If your little Jedi wants to wear his big brother’s costume from last year–or can be encouraged into deciding that he loves it–that’s one less thing you have to buy.
    • Look for easy ways to do your own costumes. Smarties safety pinned to your child’s pants will turn her into a “smarty pants.” Purple balloons can quickly be transformed into a bunch of grapes. An umbrella and some streamers will make a great jellyfish costume. You can create amazing costumes with just a little time, creativity, and energy!

    Candy and Treats

    It wouldn’t be Halloween without trick or treaters

    • Shop for candy at discount stores. Buy one or two big bulk bags instead of a lot of little smaller bags.
    • Shop around and check out the different deals on candy and other treats.
    • Look for ways to make your treat budget stretch. You might bake a treat for your child’s Halloween party or choose healthy fruit instead of candy.
    • If you’re committed to handing out non-candy treats for kids with food allergies, look for inexpensive alternatives: stickers, glow sticks, small balls, and jewellery can all be purchased in bulk for low prices.
    • If your budget simply won’t stretch to allow for Halloween treats, keep in mind that you have the option of turning off your porch light instead of handing out candy this year.

    Halloween Decor

    • Reuse decor from previous years, rather than feeling as though you have to come up with something new.
    • Get creative with household items: toilet paper can make incredible ghosts, yarn will transform into a fascinating spider web, and glow sticks in toilet paper tubes will make great spooky eyes peering out at your trick-or-treaters.
    • Let the kids create their own decorations. It’s not being cheap; it’s letting them express their creativity!
    • Repurpose necessary Halloween items as decorations: use that candy bowl as a centerpiece, decorate with your pumpkins, and use costumes as part of your display when they aren’t in use.

    Doing Halloween on a budget can be a challenge, but it can also lead to a lot of creative fun! What will you do to make your Halloween less expensive this year?



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