Review: Vodafone Mobile Wifi R205 which connects up to 5 devices.

I have been reviewing the Vodafone Mobile wi-fi  R205. Basically (and this will be basic, I’m not a technical person!) iyt allows you and 4 others to have wi-fi access (on ipads, console, laptops etc.) when you are out and about. Its basically your own personal wifi hotspot.

We have used this whilst on holiday at Center Parcs and at a cafe. It allows us up to 41/2 hours use before needing to be recharged. It can just sit on the table (not even plugged in ) and that’s it – ta da!  internet connectivity. How awesome.  You can be up to 10m away if it is on battery and up to 60 metres if powered by the mains. It is a straightforward step by step set up with no software.

We have been using this on pay as you go.  I am not sure how competitive the costs are as I haven’t used mobile wi-fi like this before but here’s how Vodafone are currently pricing it

You can ..

‘buy the Mobile Wi-Fi R205 on Pay as you go for £55 (was £75) – and get 500MB of UK data to use over 60 days. Topping up is easy – just pay £5 for an extra 250MB (lasts 30 days). Choose from our flexible Pay monthly plans and get the R205 from £15 a month on an 18-month plan.’

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If you want to wirelessly connect all your devices (and as the kids get older we seem to have a fair few!) whilst out and about this is a fantastic little gadget!


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