Review: The Splitster Stunt Car

The Splitster is fantastic, a really fun stunt car that both little boys and girls (and adults) seem to love.

We were sent a Splitster to review. It  does amazing controlled stunts that even little kids can operate.  You can control both sets of wheels at the same time. It does back flips, 360 turns and can also split down the middle and spin in a circle . How cool.  The lights are brilliant and it looks fabulous in the dark flashing and whirling around.

My son found it really easy to control, my 5 year old daughter had a go too and I couldn’t get my husband to hand it back!

The instructions were easy to understand, but we found it best to learn on the go. Its fast and great fun and can be used outside too. The actual car is really robust looking and the big soft squidgy tyres won’t harm anything. It seemed to last ages before the batteries needed charging up again.

Sadly the aerial got broken after a few days of playing with this and I am not sure how whether my son was too heavy handed or if it wasn’t sturdy enough. I think it would be a good idea if aerials could be sold separately in case something like this happens.

Overall though a fab product and lots of fun.

Splitster review


The Splitster is available from For more information visit It retails at £24.99


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