The Jewellery People Review

Today – The Jewellery People Review

Next week is my birthday. I will be 42.

My goodness how on earth did I get so old!  I may be a bit battle weary from it all but life is ever the delight  it always have been and birthdays require celebrating in my book.

I asked a teenager if I was still cool the other day she looked at me witheringly and said ‘saying cool isn’t cool any more’. Right. Cool. Fab. Oh forget it.

I shall grow old gracefully and just try and not embarrass the kids too much.

Actually this birthday has been a bit of a wake up call to taking better care of myself and that is going to be my focus for the coming year. I have been a bit under par recently and some TLC is most definitely in order.


The Jewellery People Review

The lovely people at The Jewellery People asked if I would like to review an item for their range. Usually I would pick something for someone else but ’tis my birthday so ….

I chose this, for me.

The Daisy Cuff Silver Bangle

The Jewellery People Review, diasy bangle, daisy bracelet

I have always loved flower jewellery and isn’t it stunning!

It is made from solid Mexican silver wire and 0ost s 49£.99. It is a large size Width: 7.2cm (2.8″)Diameter: 6.4cm (2.5″) and truly stunning. I am completely delighted with it .

What a lovely treat for myself!

This lovely daisy necklace would accompany it perfectly I’m thinking! (hint hint – not sure my hubby ever reads this but you never know!)

I also adore this rose polished silver ring

and this gorgeous necklace

How about these crystal stud earrings

There is so much choice, I could look for hours!


So much choice

The Jewellery People sell handcrafted Mexican and Thai Silver Jewellery made by our own silversmiths in a range of classic and contemporary designs, from elegant Silver Earrings and Bangles , Pendants and men’s and childrens jewellery.

They pride themselves selves on exceptional customer service with secure online ordering and worldwide delivery, including next day UK delivery on most of  products.



I hope you have enjoyed my The Jewellery People Review  you can see more of my review posts here


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