Review: Scooby Doo in ‘The Spooky Games’

spooky games, laffalympicsIf your kids love Scooby Doo and they have loved watching all the Olympics gnmes then this DVD is for them! Scooby Spooky Games is as daft as ever with the lovely scooby characters we all grew up with. my kids adore scooby and this was a big hit.

On this disc you getScooby-Doo! Spooky Games — (All-New Never Before Seen Episode!)
Then the all star laff -a lympics continue with the Yogi Yahooeys, The Really Rottens and of course the Scooby Doobies competing all over the world. I love it when cartoons collide its all a bit crazy!!

I find Scooby Doo a bit dull now I’m 40 and very opredictable but despite having watche MANY episodes my children find it utterly hilarious. They promounced this utterly fabulous and have now watche dit several times.

Released in July 2012 by Warner Home Video.
I reviewed this as part of the TOTs film club.


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