Review: Pong for the Ipad Making the iPad safer for kids

Today – Making the iPad safer for kids

I am not at all science-y or tech-y but I do worry that so much exposure to electronic devices can’t be good for children’s health. Both my children have no more than an hour in total screen time (of any description) on a given day.

Making the iPad safer for kids

It just doesn’t seem natural to me and indeed it isn’t. It may be educational to use an ipad/phone but it’s not exactly fresh air and exercise is it? It is early days as mobile phones and tablets are still pretty new but many studies have suggested links to cancer and increased likelihood of ill health through prolonged exposure to mobile phones and other devices.

 Here is where Pong come in


Making the iPad safer for kids

According to Pong children are more vulnerable to wireless device radiation because of their developing nervous systems, undeveloped immune systems, thinner skulls, and more conductive brain tissue. Children experience greater radio frequency penetration relative to head size, and longer lifetime exposure in comparison with adults

Pong are a mobile device technology company. They take mobile radiation seriously and consider themselves scientific advocates for health and well-being. They  design cases that protect people, not just their mobile devices and they sent me a pong case for the iPad to review.

Pongs cases are pretty amazing.

Listen to what they can do….

·         Reduces exposure to radiation – Reduces radiation exposure by up to 82% below     international safety limits

·         Improves performance over any other case – Sensor-friendly design allows up to 6.6x transmitted power over all other cases

·         Increases speed

·         It has built-in Antenna Technology – A patented, wafer-thin antenna inside the case couples with the antennas inside your iPad to diffuse and spread wireless energy away from you

·         It has an origami cover which folds in many ways

It does look a great case and my husband who has now used it a few times says it does most definitely delivers better Wi-Fi reception and range

For me, it’s a bit like car seats, I can’t see the difference but if someone scientifically states and proves that one is better for my children’s health and safety then that is always going to be my preference.


I hoep you have enjoyed my post on Making the iPad safer for kids – you can see more of my reviews here



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