Review : My personalised essentials box

I love Treat Her. com, It’s lovely site full to the brim of goodies you might by for the women in your life Grandmas, friends, mums, sisters and (ahem) yourself of course!

I was offered a product to review and this is what I chose . Isn’t it fabulous! It’s a personalised essentials box and I have been completely self indulgent and had MY name put on it. Well it  is my birthday this week.  At £49.99 this is not a cheap gift but is is rather special!


The box is really lovely quality . It is described on the site as ‘A stunning gift designed to help keep her indispensable necessities in easy reach’ this is exactly what I am going to use it for . I am leaving it by the front door with keys, my glasses and a couple of parking £1 coins in it. Perfect. Hopefully (and this would be a mini miracle) I will never lose these things again. It frustrates me to bits. Now I have my very own box.

The site does a lots of personalised gifts and this is wonderful if you have unusual named kids, I do and I lovei t when they receives gifts with their names on.

Treat her is a great site. It has gifts spanning a huge price range and there really is something for everyone. The site is very easy to navigarte and set out well in occasions, recipients, age etc .  I am sure you would find the ideal gift there quite easily.


Now where have I put my glasses?


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