Review: Kids storage solutions from Vertbaudet.

Kids storage solutions are never too far from my mind. Our home is very cluttered and rather small and anything that helps stow the kid’s stuff away is interesting to me. Vertbaudet do kids storage solutions very well. Let me show you what they have

These cute little boxes stack on top of each other and cost £14 each

kids storage

and I think these are rather lovely too, very vibrant! 2 for £17

They also have this rather fabulous show storage rack for little ones…look you can even practice tying laces!  £27

and what about these? £14 each

srotage toy boxes

and also these little storage pots which we reviewed. A set of 4 in different colours , 2 with hanging hooks cost £23 for the set. How sweet are they !

Vertbaudet bedroom

Here they are all lined up in my daughters bedroom .. They are metal have a little space to write what they are and look super sweet. She is keeping her pens in hers. She liked these a lot and they do look good in her room and they keep those pesky pens off the floor!

Vertbaudet storage


A friend of mine on a budget used nice wrapping paper round cardboard boxes and made some neat storage that way too!


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