Review: i-fairytales :The Frog Prince

Blue Ocean Studios have just launched their first i-Fairytale!

The Brothers Grimm tale of The Frog Prince can now be downloaded from iTunes as an interactive animated e-book. The Frog Prince is the first in a series of animated fairy tales and has been created for children  6-10. The characters are brought to life through animation as you follow the story through both reading and narration.

 We downloaded the app on to ipad to have a look and we were delighted. It tells the traditional story of The Frog Prince. There is a lovely English narrator who very gently reads the story  and as you press on a word he pauses so if a child is reading along and gets stuck you can pause the animation as you help the child work out the words.

The animations are lovely and the voices of the princess and the frog are really engaging. It is such a lovely, traditional story and it is lovely to see it bought to life like this. My six year old daughter was enthralled. We would definitely download another of these. Just adoreable characteristaion .

You can download the frog prince from iTunes. Priced well at £1.99.

My daughter thought it was  ‘brilliant ‘

Hansel and Gretel is soon to be released soon followed by other Grimm’s Fairytales originals, Rapunzel and Snow Drop, more commonly known as Snow White later in the year

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