Review: Cool Create Suteki Mega Stencil Station

My kids love craft and creating and it does sadden me how little of this they do at school.

With over 75% of parents concerned about a dwindling creative play presence in the national curriculum (results from a recent survey on Parental portal; it’s important to provide opportunities home. Creative play is the focus of a fab se;section of kits in  Flair’s Cool Create® collection.

Cool Create Suteki Mega Stencil Station

We trialled Suteki mega stencil station and I have to say it was big hit.

Basically it involves using layered stencils to paint  pictures..a variety of reusable funky frames, paints, stencils and a painting frame and cards are all included. My kids loved the Golden Ninja Stamper that is used to do the painting..
The word ‘Suteki’ means AWESOME in Japanese, and is a whole new art craze to produce  pop art creations. I think grasshopper needs to learn a little patience as she would not wait for one bit to dry before stamping the next bit which resulted in a bit of smudging!  Here she is in action….

This was lots of fun and Lise enjoyed seeing the picture ‘build up’!

 Cool Create Suteki Mega Stencil Station is available from Amazon priced at £20


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