Review: 3 in 1 Magic Cable Trio

Charge and Sync – 3 in 1 Magic Cable Trio

 Innergie have created this brilliant and useful device Magic Cable Trio. It is simply  a handy USB cable which is compatible with almost all digital devices. So you can say  goodbye to trying to find the right cable. This is a huge problem of tangledness in our house we have so many cable s and can never find the right one!

 This is a really simple solution: three different tips are built in including Apple, Mini USB and Micro USB in one 20cm power and sync cable. This handy cable is no invaluable and indispensable to us .

Unlike other products on the market, the Magic Trio Cable has been designed so that each of the three tips remains connected to the cable even when not in use. The unique smart tip design means each tip can slot into the other and never gets lost! Instead of hunting around for the right tip to suit your device the Magic Cable Trio is compatible with over 10,000 different devices!


With Micro USB recognised as the standard for all the major mobile phone manufacturers this tip is perfect for charging your Blackberry, HTC or other Smartphone. The Apple tip works with iPhone, iPad and iPod and is 20cm long in accordance with Apple guidelines. The Mini USB tip is ideal for digital cameras, Smartphones and MP3 players. Innergie’s Magic Cable Trio is designed to make frustrations searching for cables and chargers a thing of the past


Innergie Magic Cable Trio solution is for available for £16.02 art Amazon. Well worth it for the time ist saves you trying to locate the right cable!



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