Retro Sweets

retro sweets

Oh I remember so fondly the sweeties of my childhood. Refreshers and bon bons, black jacks and love hearts.  me and my sidster used to go and get a 10 p mix and fill a little paper bag with whatever we liked. Flying saucers, sherbert dips..proper sweets.

You can’t get much for 10 p these days but you can still get those sweeties (makes me feel old that the stuff of my youth gets referred to as retro!)


Retro sweet sell hampers, sweetie jars, boxes, bags even in oversized candy cans



This is such a great idea.

My kids loved their personalised jars  we were sent to review. They were filled with veggie retro sweets ( we don’t eat gelatin)


sweetie jars

Have no idea why it says hands off mummy on the jar, as if I would 🙂

A fun and rather memory reviving idea for gifts or just to treat yourself.



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