How to rebuild your online reputation

The internet can be a scary place. It often bothers me when I see people writing really controversial things online or  being very disparaging about something. As  a blogger I, more than most, perhaps realise the longevity and widespread power of the internet. It is not a place where you want to have a bad reputation.


Let me give you an example.

There is a bike shop near us. It is an old fashioned set up and very informal but overwhelmingly supportive, kind and offers great service. It is not a slick get up but it is well-loved by people who know and use it. When you jump online to find their phone number a bad review pops up straight away each and every time on the first page on Google. This really saddens me because they do nor deserve for that solitary bad review to be the first thing every one sees. The review calls them unprofessional but theior informality and old fashioned service really is part of their charm.

The bike shop aren’t online however and wouldn’t probably even be aware of this but many potential customer could be put off because of it.

So what can you do?

I would have thought not a lot really,  but that actually isn’t true. TwistFox have formulated a real solution to fix this problem.

In totally organic ways, favoured by search engines, they…

create and post online positive and neutral optimised articles which will soon appear under the affected search term whilst gaining control of the early and affected page(s) found online.

They also:

  initiate online repair strategies through the use of social networking websites, blogs, forums, and other types of online publication that they can use to their advantage.

I love that – Internet fightback against the online bullies!

It’s awful that one bad piece of content can spoil your chance of getting a job, a new relationship, or even your business. But it doesn’t have to, and you really can now do something about it without having to fight a long court process or have sleepless nights.

How fabulous is that!




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