Rainbow aquadoodle review

Aquadoodle, is a really high-quality toddler toy by Tomy that lets kids get creative without
any  mess. Enough said really. I was very happy for them to send me a review sample with the no mess billing!

They sent me over a Rainbow Aquadoodle mat which came with pens and stamps. You simply fill the pen with water and use it to draw on the mat.  The pictures will appear and as there’s no ink involved, there’s no danger of mess.

aquadoodle When the water dries, the pictures disappear, and the mat can be used over and over again. Because it is a rainbow mat the pictures acome out in colour and they are so lovely. The stampers are stars an raindrops and there is a roller too to make rainbows with.

My 3 year old daugher was in artiststic heaven. there she was painting in colour on the floor and I  wasn’t fussing for a change.

 Rainbow Aquadoodle (18m+) GRP £24.99

Aquadoodle mats are very hard wearing so the mat will last for years which as a budgeting mama is importnat to me. I have spent money on toys that are a 5 minute wonder or break easily. Drawing will be of interest for a long time and it is great these are durable.

 There are lots of different mats in the Tomy range, character mats like Peppa Pig and Rapunzel, Animal Magic which is a sounds mat and even  mini mats for when you are out and about. 
I think these are really sound toys that will last the distance (and they don’t take up much space either so good for storage or holidays.) 



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